work travel and pumping

I have to travel for work the week after I come back from my leave and am wondering how I will be able to pump those 3 days I am gone. I will be in conferences and team building exercises the whole time. I refuse to stop BFing because of this travel, any help appreciated!
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Re: work travel and pumping

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    1st: I would try to get out of it or conference call in if you can.  Talk to your manager about your maternal needs.

    Otherwise, talk to the host of the conference about the need for a pumping room and let them know that you will be excusing yourself for 20 minutes 3 times a day.  Try to do it over breaks and lunch if possible.  There should be a fridge in your hotel room to store the milk in.  Use a cooler with ice packs for your travel time home.

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    Try to pump as often as you can.  I've traveled a couple of times and it's hard to do, but it's really the key to keeping your supply up.  Make sure you have batteries for your pump in case you have to pump in the bathroom. 

    One thing you could do if you don't get to pump enough during the day is try to wake up every few hours to pump at night.  Not ideal because you'll probably want your sleep, but definitely one way to get a number of pumps in.  I have never woken up in the night to pump, but I do get up early enough (if I can) to pump twice before I have to start work.

    Honestly, pumping while traveling is a total PITA and my supply usually decreases a little because I don't pump as often as I do at home.  If you can get out of it while your baby is so young, I would try to.

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    I'm really trying to get out if it but my boss seemed determined to make me go. I'm really not wanting to leave him for 3 days so soon after returning to work. Thanks for the advice
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    I took my DD on my first trip and had my mom come too to watch her so I only had to pump durign the day. It was expensive but I would have been nuts without her.  They arranged for me to have a space to pump in during the day.

    Tell the hotel you need a fridge in your room "Medically necessary" and they pretty much have to give it to you.

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    I just came back from a 6 day business trip without DS, who was only 2 1/2 months old.  As everyone said, it is a PITA to be pumping and traveling at the same time.  My travel alone was 20 hours long, so inbetween airports and 8 hour airplane rides, I would be pumping either in the airplane or airport restrooms.  Also, I was in and out of conferences from 8 to 5, but luckily my hotel was in the same area as where my meetings were being held so I was able to go back to my room to pump. 

     You will def. need a pump with batteries to help you along the way.  Hopefully, you have a hotel room with a fridge to keep your milk.  Unfortunately for me, because of my long travel times, I had to pump and dump ALL my milk.  Now, that I am back home with DS, I am still pumping but my supply has dropped considerably.  I am hoping that I will be able to up my supply now that I can BF often and am also on fenugreek.

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