exclusively pumping question

we're really trying to exclusively pump, but right now I feel like for every two bottles of formula, I'm able to get one of breast milk. I guess I'm pumping half as much as she's eating. 

I'm pumping for 20 minutes each time she feeds, and I'm drinking lots of water and eating oatmeal too.  She even had a little cluster feed the other day and I pumped extra with her. 

Will I ever be able to equal her demand if Im not already?

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Re: exclusively pumping question

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    how often are you pumping?

    you are still very new so your supply will increase IF you pump EVERY SINGLE time she eats OR at minimum every two to three hours around the clock- even at night when she sleeps longer. It is ALOT of pumping in the beginning.

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    I started out the same way as you. I ended up being able to keep up with DD. I can't remember when I went to 100% BM but it did happen. Ditto what stacy said.

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