Overactive Letdown- anyone else?

Any one else having this problem? I've read up on what to do and saw my lactaction specialist yesterday. Even with pumping a bit before having DD latch on, she still had to end up taking a bottle twice today :(

Any tricks of the trade from someone having been there? TIA!!!

Re: Overactive Letdown- anyone else?

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    Are you lying all the way back or nursing lying down?
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    have you looked it up on kellymom? it helped me.

    I would let it spray into a cloth until it calmed down and they relatch. I tried leaning back to slow the flow and have ds nurse uphill--didnt work for me, laying down helps a little. pumping before got annoying so I would just do the cloth thing and it hlped. honestly the best thing fpr me was to stop the bottle a day we gave him bc the flow would confuse him. He had to suck hard for the bottle and then for me he sucked harder at first and then it flooded him so he choked alot. Once I stopped the bottle I saw a diff. now we use it sparingly and with a really slow nip--born free are great

    I also adjusted and so did he. Which is not fun to hear, but they adjust to the flow and figure out how to stop it from going to fast. Ds would use his tongue to stop it. GL and i know its hard but it gets better I promise

    OH and try not to pump too much you may make the problem worse since its usually bc of an oversupply.

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    I'm just always prepared to catch it in a burp cloth when she pops off. It's like a little faucet and frequently like a spray gun. Tonight she managed to handle the spray by just leaving her mouth open and swallowing without latching on while it was spraying. I was very impressed that nothing leaked on my clothes!
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