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What kind of PJ's in hospital?

I am planning on trying to nurse so I would be better off with cotton shirts and just lift from bottom up or pj shirts with buttons so I can pull the top of the shirt down?
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Re: What kind of PJ's in hospital?

  • I ended up having a C/S and was in so much pain that I just spent the entire stay in the hospital provided gowns.  they unsnap at the shoulder so nursing and pumping was easy. 
  • I also wore the hospital gowns for most of my stay in the hospital...u can wear 2 gowns and have one on the normal way and put the other on like as a robe. I did wear soem comfy pants and top on my last full day there cuz i had more visitors that day and felt so much better from my c/s. I just didnt want to mess up any of my clothes from the bleeding and also it was comfortable to have a loose gown on with the incision and such.
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  • I wasn't nursing since DS was in the NICU, but I was pumping.  I wore my hospital gown the first day and then t-shirts after that.

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  • Like pp, I too had a c-section and was too sore to worry about other clothes.  I stayed in my hospital gown until the last day or so.  There was no point in ruining my clothes with bleeding and such. 
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  • The first night I just stayed in the gown (I delivered at 6pm).  I showered in the morning and changed into jammies with a nursing tank underneath.  They were nursing jammies that someone bought for me. I didn't have CS.  I did wear the fancy undies they give you at the hospital.
  • I'm not a fan of hospital gowns, I don't think they are comfortable, so I changed after the first night. I had a button down sleep dress, and it was perfect. I think it's easier to pull down than pull up at first. It exposes you more, but you don't have to worry about the excess fabric covering the baby's face. I just got it at Target, and I wore it probably an unsanitary amount of times in those first couple of months.
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  • I wore a nursing tank under a hospital gown. I agree with the pps... didn't want to ruin my clothes so I wore the gown.
  • I wore the hospital gowns the entire time I was in the hospital.  I was bleeding so much I didn't want to ruin my own clothes.  Plus like pp said, the snaps at the shoulders made BFing easy.

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