Starting cow's milk at 1 year - advice?

I'm interested in starting to wean DS off of his afternoon nursings, mainly because he just doesn't seem interested and doesn't seem to get much milk. 

Right now I usually nurse 4x a day - when he wakes at 6, again around 10-11, again around 3 and then before bed around 7:30 -7:45.  I'd like to keep nursing him in the a.m. and before bed. 

How much milk did you offer when you first switched?  And how many times does your DC have milk/nurse total now?  Just wondering what worked for you to get some ideas before I begin to wean.  TIA!

Re: Starting cow's milk at 1 year - advice?

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    I started DD on whole milk at 11mo. I offered her 4-6oz at a time. It took a while before she'd drink that much though. It did not replace nursing AT ALL for at least a couple months. She just didn't care about it that much and she loved her booby.

    She was totally weaned at 16.5mo (my choice, not hers), but even at that age it was a struggle to get her to drink enough milk... but by 20mo we had to start restricting her cow milk intake because she'd drink WAY too much if we let her.

    - Jena
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