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Temp drop, no AF, BFN :(

I'm posting this on TTCAL also..

I was due for AF yesterday, had a huge dip yesterday, (and it's still low today), had some very light cramping yesterday but they didn't last long at all, and no AF. My cycles are like clockwork, she is never late, where is she?!?!? I tested today and of course got a BFN. WTF?!?!

Has this happened to anyone, and did your period come soon??? I just want to get on with the next cycle.... :(  :(  

Re: Temp drop, no AF, BFN :(

  • The temp drop doesn't necessarily indicate anything.  Are you positive when you O'd?  That is all so strange.  Sorry for a BFN. 

    I hope maybe just maybe you will get a little miracle.

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  • Happened to me last week... although my cycles are NEVER regular!

    I had a huge temp dip and then another big dip and then AF within 2 days (and a BFN).  Sorry :-( 

    But... you could have had late ovulation which would be too early to read on a test just yet.  I'll remain optimistic until the ugly AF shows up!

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  • I'm pretty sure when I ovulated, I also had CD21 b/w that indicated that I did ovulate. I'm currently 17 DPO... :(   I'm never late, and that BFN so stark white.... :(  I'm so frustrated.
  • I'm sorry dear.  In that case, I hope you get AF very soon (never thought I would wish that on someone) so you can move on to the next cycle.

     Good luck.  I completely understand being frustrated.  Hang in there!

  • I'm sorry.  That's very frustrating.  You aren't on progesterone are you?
  • Thanks ladies (hugs)  No, not on progesterone...
  • I am so sorry, but remember there is always hope until you see AF!!!!
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