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Hi girls

I think there are few a few Boston mamas on here and I was wondering if you all could give me some recs for things to do in Boston...without kids (gasp!).

My mom and I are headed out this weekend to visit my sister and we need some things to do on the days she has to work.  We have been before, but with  kids and mostly to do college type events when my sister graduated last year. 

Any favorite hot spots we should see?



BTW-I have never been so excited for a 5 hour red-eye flight.  No husband, no kids, no babygear!  Just me and my trashy magazines and 1 carry-on...whoohoo!



Re: Boston Moms

  • If you like people watching and window shopping (or actually shopping), Newbury street is fun- lots of expensive boutique-y type stores, but it's fun to look.  There are some cool restaurants, coffee, shops, etc, too.

    The Omni Theater at the Museum of Science is cool, and they have laser shows at the planetarium, too, if you are into that kind of thing.  Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall is a good place for shopping/browsing/people watching- so is Harvard Square.  They are a bit touristy, though.  Game On (next to Fenway Park) is a fun sports bar.  Kings is a fun place for bowling.  My brain is not working very well right now because that's all I can think of!  Oh- Finale is a great restaurant for just desserts.  If you like tapas and interesting kind of funky restaurants, Cuchi Cuchi in Cambrige or Dali in Somerville are awesome.  Have a fun weekend.

  • Ooh Boston... fun!  I used to live in the north end... the old italian neighborhood and it has some FABULOUS food.  There's a little place called Grill 417 that I loved and also of course you can't go to the north end and not get a canoli.  YUM!  Mike's is the most famous place but I liked Modern Pastry too.

    I second Newbury street, I'd walk there through the common a lot and it's a nice stroll with lots to see.  You'll have a great time!

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  • Those two ladies gave the best ideas. I will only add that the waterfront over by the aquarium is really nice especially if the weather is good. Beware of Government Center/ Faniuel Hall, the Circus is in town starting on Saturday. So go there at night.

  • Definitely Newbury St. the people watching is so fun and if the weather is nice, the restaurants open their windows and you can sit and have drinks and watch the rich people walk by.  Also, if you can, Harvard Square is always a fun place to stop...the people watching is just as good (but different, think college town) and there are tons of cute shops and places to eat.  Bartley's Burger Cottage makes AMAZING burgers.  And I have to say Cuchi Cuchi is such a chic place for tapas and pretty drinks!
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