tugging and twisting OUCH!

Lately my 5 week old has decided to twist and tug at my boob when she is getting close to being done.  Sometimes she will just throw her head off too,  Why is she doing this?  She is eating well and gaining weight.  It is funny once it stops stinging Huh?



Re: tugging and twisting OUCH!

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    My LO does this too but it is usually because she is grunting and gassy.  It hurts!
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    ouchie! I know the feeling- Sophie does this too.
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    My son does this at two times: when he is gassy or about to poop, and when my boob is getting emptier and he's still hungry. He gets impatient with the slower flow and starts to thrash and pummel at my boob. Ouch!
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    Oh they grunting is there too, but she does that all the time.  Glad to know I am not alone.  Oh the Joys!
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