Hi! I'm new and a question...anyone use Domperidone?

Hello fellow breastfeeders! Here's a bit on my background: I a MoM to 13 week old twins. Up until 12 weeks I managed to solely breastfeed or EBF, but its been a mighty struggle at times. Basically I have two babies and one good-producing breast. My left breast produces well, but my right breast is a dud. As a result, I never have enough to save or store..I barely make it through each day. Over the last week I've had to result to formula one feeding a day.

 I've tried everything: I b/f and pump several times  a day. I take Mother's Love supplements..I eat oatmeal, drink dark beer etc. All these things help a bit, but its  just not enough.

My OB, herself a mother of twins, took domperidone herself and would recommend it..but she can't write me a prescription of course. She got hers from Mexico a long time ago (her twins are like 8 now). 

Does anyone have a safe reliable place to get it? I am desperate.

Re: Hi! I'm new and a question...anyone use Domperidone?

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    my ob/gyn called it in to a local pharmacy that compounds stuff.  ask her/or her nurse if they could do that.  by 'compound', that means the pharmD makes the med themselves.

    or, you could order it online from a pharmacy in canada with rx from dr.  just an idea. 

    either way, it does work wonders and it should help-worked crazy good for me! 

    also, has the dr. considered trying reglan first.  you need an rx for that as well but it is fda approved for milk production.  don't have any personal experience with it but that's what i hear.

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    There are a ton of places you can order it online, but I have seen several bumpies specifcally mention this one

    I ordered mine from Easy MD (can't find link) the first time, and it was fine but more expensive that the first place above.  I will be trying the one above this week.

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    Mrswalker, I am so glad you posted that! I was Googling it and found a reference to that online pharmacy on another forum, but I was hesitant to try it. I'm rather nervous about getting it online; what if it isn't safe or isn't what it is supposed to be...

    How did you like the Domperidone? Did it work for  you?

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    My LC recommended the inhousepharmacy and I just got my first shipment.  If you prefer someplace closer, Canadian pharmacies will fill a prescription from a US doctor and ship it here.
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    Thank you Jumper! I'm so glad to get first-hand recommendations for this website. I am absolutely going to try it.
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    I posted a review of it.  I was nervous too. I have seen great success. I am now down to 1 pill 3x a day and am still getting great results.

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