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taking misoprostol tonight w/o pain meds?

My doc confirmed yesterday that we had lost the baby at 8 weeks. DH and I are doing fine, since we kind of expected this. We chose to go with the medication to avoid a D&C and possible complications. My doc prescribed the misoprostol and nothing else, he just told me to take a Motrin for the cramps. I am prone to really horrible menstrual cramps and I'm sure that these cramps will be agonizing. If I call his office and ask for Vicodin or other painkillers, will they give them to me? I'm just really scared of the pain, since I'm taking the medicine tonight. Anyone else manage without pain meds?

Re: taking misoprostol tonight w/o pain meds?

  • My doc prescribed Misoprostol to me as well. I also had a D&C the next morning. The cramps from the misoprostol are terrible. I wish I would have had some pain meds. If the doctor will give you something for pain, i would definitly get it.

  • My doc offered to presribe tylenol with coedine, but I said I would manage with ibuprofen (she suggested 800 mg every 8 hours).  The meds started working faster than I thought they would.  If I had to do it again, I'd take the ibuprofen about an hour after taking the meds.  I had really terrible cramps and chills about 3-4 hours after taking cytotec (misoprostol).
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  • I did not take misoprostol, but I had retained tissue after the D&C and the cramps from my body trying to expel that were incredibly intense and broke through vicodin/ibuprofen every 3 hours (alternating).  I have a very high pain threshold, too. 

    I'm not sure how the two would compare, but I would not expect the doctor's office to question your request for pain medicine - if for nothing else, you probably do not want to endure the pain any more than you have to because it is extremely emotionally painful as well.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Please ask your doctor for plane meds. I have heard that you have extremely painful cramps. That is why I chose the D&C and I am so grateful I did. Even though the thought of risk or surgery scared me it was the best decision for me. I was in surgery at 7:20 and out of the hospital by 10am. I felt no pain whatsoever. I took 3 Advil Saturday morning for a headache and that was all.

    If you are firm on doing this MisoProstol please get some pain medication. Midol doesn't cut it during regular menstrual cramps for me. Sometimes 4 tylenol doesn't either.

  • thanks everyone! I am def calling the office to ask for meds today..

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