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PSA: using registries for other purchases

We're planning on buying a bedroom set from pottery barn this weekend (finally!, our IKEA stuff is falling apart, I can't open the bottom dresser drawer anymore). ?I always check ebay for coupons because on furniture, spending $ on a coupon that could save me $$$ is so worth it. ?The only PB "coupon" listed on ebay was for a 10% off "directions" on how to get a coupon -- cost $8.99. ?We thought it would be worth it given the cost of the bedroom set. ?Turns out, I paid $8.99 for directions on setting up a registry to get 10% off after the completion date. ?How stupid -- of me! ?I should have remembered this from wedding and baby registry days. ?And now you can go on-line to get your coupon instead of waiting for it in the mail.

So, to save you the embarrassment and $9 in falling for an ebay add to get a 10% of coupon, if you plan to buy furniture, etc. from any store (Target, Macy, PB, etc. -- I think most stores now have registries and a completion coupon), make a registry with a completion date a few days out so you get your 10% coupon. ?

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Re: PSA: using registries for other purchases

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