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Clicky Poll: How did you deliver DC?

I'm curious - seems like so many of the latest births have been c/s.
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Re: Clicky Poll: How did you deliver DC?

  • By emergency, I meant unplanned C/S
    image Caleb is 3! 101 in 1001
  • I had an emergency C/S after 2 days of labor.  In the end after cervadil and pitocin I'd only dilated 1 cm and Brayden's heartbeat was dropping below 100 bpm every time I had a contraction.
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  • I had a c/s scheduled for 39.5 weeks, but then she decided to come at 37.5 I guess that was an emergency c/s. It didn't feel like an emergency though, since I was already planning for the c/s.
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  • My c/s was not yet an emergency but if I'd waited any longer, it would have been.
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  • You forgot the option of "excrutiatingly painful vaginal delivery". ;-)

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  • I voted for scheduled c-section, but i didn't make it to my scheduled c-sec with either I don't know if you would count that as scheduled or unplanned
  • i put emergency csection but it wasnt an emergency just unplanned after 18+ hours of labor and lil progress even with pitocin.

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