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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Anyone want to join a m/c pl prayer group?

I stole this idea from Melissa on SAL.  We could do daily check-ins and prayer requests.  I truly believe in the power or prayer...

Anyone with me?  Post your IRL name, screenname and your prayer request for the day...

Inspirational thought for the day..  'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you"

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Re: Anyone want to join a m/c pl prayer group?

  • Here's mine...

    Cowgirl - Lynn

    My prayer request for the day is that God will grant me the strength to make it through the memorial service I am planning for baby Grace on Sunday afternoon..

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  • Hi, I would like to do this.  I'm Holly, and I would like to pray for all the women on this board.  Please give them strength to get though this difficult time, peace to calm their broken hearts, and hope for brighter days. 

    God Bless. 

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  • I would love to participate.  I'm Abby and my request is to please be with all the wonderful ladies on this board.  No one can know how hard this truly is until they go through it.  I would ask God to grant them strength to get through this diffiucult time, hope for what the future will hold and faith that they too will be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby one day.

    This is a great idea, just wanted to add that in!

  • I would like to join but I don't get on here everyday.  I will try to keep updated with prayer requests but I can't get on thebump as often as some people. 

    My name is Katie.  Right now I'm struggling with patience.  While I'm grieving the loss of my first baby, I'm also beginning to become impatient about when I will become pregnant again.  I'm stuck in the middle.  I'm so sad about our first pregnancy ending, but I'm ready to be pregnant again.  I'm also struggling with the fear of becoming pregnant.  I feel like I will be worried all the time when I get a positive HPT.  I know that worrying is sinful so I'm trying to repent of that and have faith that God is sovreign over my pregnancy. 

     I will be praying for all of you!

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  • I am interested in joining!  My name is Lindsey, screen name: xnbride (short for Christianbride actually ;-).  Hmmmm. I just need patience and faith while I wait on God's perfect timing.



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  • This is a fantastic idea. I pray for this whole board every day, but having specific requests would be good.

    Screenname, Krindor. Name, Karin. Prayer request: I feel like s*** from this infection and am trying to get through this patiently.?

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