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*Weekly Check-In* Week of Mar 30

how are all the Mommies and babies and Mommies-to-be and babies-to-be doing?


Re: *Weekly Check-In* Week of Mar 30

  • we survived our 1st long car trip and overnight stay last weekend. 5 hrs there and 5 hrs back to middle-of-nowhere PA w/ a teething 5-mo old who also got her 1st cold. It was actually not as bad as we expected although the night wasn't good. She had a really good time though, we went to a wedding, she met her great-grandparents and was a joy most of the weekend. I pumped in the car and gave her a bottle, which saved us a lot of time; we changed her next to a trashcan, right there in the car. Naptimes, feeding schedule were pretty much off track but we went with the flow.

    the last 2 nights at home have been pretty horrible though, might take a couple of weeks (from what I read) until we are back on schedule.

    She's also starting to manipulate us, IMO. She cries in her crib but as soon as she sees me, she'll start smiling, so I know she doesn't need anything, she just wants me there.

    well, that's long enough, how is everyone else?

  • The biggest news of the week is that I passed my Gestational Diabetes test. Other than that, I'm definitely starting to feel the transition between the "energetic" 2nd trimester and the "aches and pains" of the 3rd trimester. It's my ribs and my back that are giving me the most trouble so I'm trying to learn how to S-L-O-W down which is a challenge for me. Other than that, I'm thankful that everything seems to be going smoothly with the pregnancy. 

    Also, we have a name! Our daughter will be named Aliya. She is pretty active and I love feeling her move inside me. I'm so excited that she will be here in less than 3 months!

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  • Hanging in there. Baby is still breech- I think she tried turning the other night b/c there was some painful movement going on. I have a size/position ultrasound tomorrow so we'll see what they say, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell me what I already know- butt down :(

    I am definitely physically ready to be done with pregnancy. As much as I love feeling her move around, I'm tired of being tired, achy, and big! Emotionally, mentally, not sure I'm ready for her to make her appearance yet.

    We had our shower this past weekend so it was nice to see family and friends. We have most of the big things we need for baby. Still waiting on the mattress and a couple of other things to finish the nursery, but we're pretty much set. I just hope these last 3 weeks go quickly.

  • Just got home from DD's 1 year appt. Dr. said she is doing great.  She's gaining weight and getting taller.  He said she can eat whatever she wants now, there are no restrictions and she can go on whole milk now full time.  DD is suffering from her 1st cold.  Poor thing is getting her nose wiped all day long and coughing at nights.  Otherwise, all is good here.
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  • 11 weeks pregnant and still having really bad morning sickness.  we're going for the NT scan next monday.  we'll get to see our baby and hear its heartbeat!  i can't wait... which is why this week is going by so slowly.
  • Doing very well! I might be feeling the baby move (very rarely), but it's kind of hard to tell. I am feeling really good, and have been consistently surprised at how little I have to complain about lately.

    Only 2.5 weeks until the 20 week sonogram where we (hopefully) learn the sex!  I just got the Baby Bargains book, so will soon start to go through that for ideas of what to register for. I've also been soliciting opinions from friends, so you have any, let me know!

  • In the home stretch! I have just this week of teaching and then I am done for the school year.  This will be a huge relief because it takes all my strength and energy to get through the day. I end up going home and crashing.  Walking my students to specials is a workout all in itself! 

    If she doesn't come before Friday I get to spend my spring break getting all the final things I wanted done, but put off finished.  I would be happy if she comes early or on time. There are positives/negatives to both. Overall, I am just ready to be done and meet her.  I am scared, but so excited for the adventure to begin!

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  • Conrad is in the midst of food strike eleventy-billion. I think teeth might be the cause of this one, but I can't figure out where they are coming in.  

    He has a weight check on Friday.  I'm trying to think heavy thoughts, but considering that he was on a food strike for almost 6 weeks, I don't see him having gained much (if any) weight.  Wish us luck!

  • Nicholas is crawling now and deciding to get into 'trouble'.  He has already headed to the TV stand and the CD cabinet and started to reach for some cords plugged into the wall.  I keep looking around to figure out what to baby proof and it seems like everything.

    I just told work today that I'm not coming back for next school year.  That was a huge relief--although it will mean watching even more closely what we spend our money on.

    Nicholas is also enjoying his swim lessons.  I love being in there and seeing him splash and kick around.

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  • Patrick started swim lessons, crawling, his teeth came through and he now says a few words-Mama, Dada, puppy

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  • I'm still waiting to get my second round of blood work back to rule out cholestasis. If this is the case, they will induce at 27 weeks (ahh, that's just over 2 weeks from now) but we won't know anything until those results come back. So, we're in limbo. Nervous but are assured everything is still going well with the baby so that helps us relax a bit until we know more.

    A big *thanks* to everyone who recommended their perinatal doctors in my post late last week. My doc said that she'll get me in this week if my bloodwork comes back elevated again. The support was very appreciated.

    I'm starting to slow down a lot--fatigue is back (hits me out of nowhere inconsistently) and so are tossing and turning nights. Baby is very active and needless to say, we are very ready to meet our little girl.

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  • image BabyHatch:

    I'm still waiting to get my second round of blood work back to rule out cholestasis. If this is the case, they will induce at 27 weeks (ahh, that's just over 2 weeks from now) but we won't know anything until those results come back. So, we're in limbo. Nervous but are assured everything is still going well with the baby so that helps us relax a bit until we know more.

    Omygosh, BabyHatch! I didn't realize that! I will be thinking lots of non-cholestasis thoughts for you!

    I am doing remarkably well. I'm feeling a lot of jabs in my tummy, that I'm assuming are a little person. DH has been fan-freaking-tastic lately, doing so many little things around the house that I would ordinarily have to remind him of, bringing me home little treats, and just being great in general. I feel so lucky and it really cements the fact that I picked a great guy to knock me up : )

    We are headed to BRU tonight to start to think about registering. Eek!

    The DC Nest. Winers welcome.
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  • Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, but otherwise doing well generally. Baby's apparently decided to set up camp mainly on one side of my body, which is making my back ache on that side a bit. Am also feeling a lot of elbow or knee jabs these days.

    The nursery's set up, except for wall decorations (which we have, but are waiting for the 2 weeks after painting mark to put up) and curtains (which we have fabric for, but haven't made yet). Am loving our glider. I'm not much of a napper at the moment, but will definitely be able to sleep there.

  • I'm still here. The contractors finally finished our bathroom - hooray! I go in for an ultrasound in the morning to make sure LO is ok to wait for an induction on Monday. DH is in Boston for work :( so we're hoping she doesn't decide to arrive all-of-a-sudden in the middle of the night (until Thursday anyway)!
  • I am starting to feel baby boy kicking almost all day and night now. I guess those bones of his have gotten stronger. We went to a very loud rock concert last night and even though I enjoyed it, my maternal instincts had me slightly worried that the baby was being bombarded by all the noise. I ended up waking up at 3 am with a very sharp cramp in my left calf muscle last night. This was my first leg cramp and it was pretty comical to watch me try to untangle myself from my snoogle pillow to get out of bed to stretch it out. I'm not in 3rd trimester yet, but I feel like I am. I'm getting tired again, leg cramps, sore crotch area, achy back...oooh I knew I had it too easy the first two trimesters! I did a little shopping for maternity clothes to ease the pain Stick out tongue
  • Still fighting with morning sickness- today is my first day in awhile I'm trying to go without the meds and while I don't feel great, it hasn't been horrible, so maybe it's finally going away!  We are planning to tell our friends on Saturday, and I think I'm going to tell my bosses this Friday.
  • we are doing well with our new little one! her jaundice levels are down the doctor says she is doing great. and, we are actually getting some sleep! she has been a very chill baby so far :-)
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  • we thought we saw a hand or a foot protruding from my belly button last night, which was really awesome.

    i think i'm almost to the point where i'm sick of being pregnant and just want my baby. i'm exhausted when i go to bed and when i wake up.

    we're almost done with the nursery... we're waiting on her dresser to come this week, i still haven't decided if i want to get a glider, we have to buy and install the closet shelves and this weekend i'm taking on the task of washing all her clothes, going to buy some plain onesies (bc believe it or not, nobody bought her any at her showers), and going to get our pack and play.

     its going to be a busy weekend!

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  • Nicholas is working on getting over a cold and a pretty nasty cough and his poor little nose just won't stop running. He was nice enough to share his cold with me - I can't believe such a big horrible cold could come from such a little person. We had his 1st birthday party which was great and he had his 1 year check-up. He's definitely slowed down in weight gain but still keeps growing taller and taller. He's gone from about 95% on the weight charts to 75% but is still off the charts for height. He's running and climbing on everything and his new favorite word is "dirt". He throws some wild tantrums, I can only imagine if it's like this now how he'll be when we actually hit "the terrible twos".
  • Maggie is doing well. We just signed her up for Sat morning Little Gym classes.  I think it will be something nice for her and Daddy to do on weekends once the baby is here and her little world is turned upside down.  She is very active and loves to "go-go" so a scheduled appt to get out of the house is good for her.  She loves the bubbles at the end of the Little Gym so we got some for home but can't let her see the container or it would be all bubbles, all the time.  We even have started spelling things out so she doesn't flip out for them - like bubbles and yogurt.

    Molly is doing well and I have weekly OB and perinatologist visits now.  I try and take a day off each week just to keep organizing things at home - like all the cabinets and closets that haven't been cleaned out since I was pregnant with Maggie.  I have all their clothes washed and put away - we get clothes from my sister so Maggie already has a summer wardrobe of non-daycare clothes and Molly has all her sister's clothes and then some.  I am totally in the huge and miserable stage of pregnancy, but I want her to hang on until the 15th (scheduled c-section) so I can hopefully get most of the house cleaned out.

  • Caitlin is about 5.5 months now and seems to change every day.  She loves playing with her toes and now likes to touch people's faces and hair.  No more wearing dangly earrings!  She also tugged at my hair really hard last night but she thought it was a fun game :)  We're on a schedule for food now where she has rice cereal for breakfast and a veggie for lunch and dinner.  Still nursing and pumping.  I've noticed I'm pumping less, though, but she's also nursing for only 5-10 minutes per side.  I'm anxious to check her weight gain when we have her 6 month check up although she seems to be growing right on track. 

    We're leaving for our spring break trip to CA on Saturday.  Fingers crossed she'll do ok on the flight!  We took her to FL in Feb. but this is obviously a much longer flight.  We'll have my in-laws to help which will be nice. 

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