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Birth Story of 1st child - preclampsia

The birth story of my very 1st child... My precious little angel.

I was diagnosed w/ severe preclampsia out of no where when I went to my 29th week appointment and the dr noticed my baby was smaller than normal. A week before I blew up - gained like 30 lbs and had swollen legs and feet. I had what I thought was constipation, but was abdominal pain. I saw spots occassionally and my fiance could hear my heart beat pounding faster than normal when he would put his ear to my belly to try to listen to the baby. The baby wasn't moving much either, but as I looked it up online, I've read b/c I'm bigger, you don't feel her move as much b/c she has more room. Not thinking much of any of it b/c I read about being swollen being normal, I thought the pain was constipation b/c I haven't really had a bowel movement in a couple of days, the spots would go away after 10 seconds and I felt perfectly fine w/ the exception I was getting tired faster. But I was near 30 weeks in my 3rd trimester, who wasn't getting tired?!

 Dr. then told me to see another dr. for a better sonogram and a 2nd opinion. I see this dr. 5 days later and she tells me I have severe preclampsia and I need to go to the hospital asap b/c I'm very sick and the baby isn't receiving enough blood and oxygen. I could have seizures and baby and I were at risk. So 2 hrs after my dr appointment and visiting the hospital, they have decided to deliver the baby by cesarian for the health and safety of both me and the baby.

Needless to say, after 2 weeks from having the scare of my life, my baby girl is progressing wonderfully w/ few complications but most likely can come home w/ me in about 5 more weeks. i'm doing fine, blood pressure is down, swelling is gone and I'm back to my normal weight before pregnancy. God was definitely on my side because as I was speaking with my doctor today, he tells me if I would have gone 2-3 more days, I could have died... I'm greatful for my doctor and all those who helped make the quick decisions they did during that week and I'm thankful to be here with my daughter and family...Smile

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