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F/U to U/S tonight...WHEW!

everything looked great!  We got to see our little baby moving all around and stretching out its legs and everything!   Everytime I laughed it moved to a different position.  It was so amazing, I had no idea we would get to see it move. 

thanks to all of you for your well wishes.....it means a lot to know that there are a bunch of great women out there all rooting for us!

wow, I am on cloud nine right now........

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Re: F/U to U/S tonight...WHEW!

  • I'm so glad that everything went well tonight. I hope everything continues to proceed smoothly.

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  • Wooo!



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  • I have been hoping you would post an update tonight! ?I am relieved and excited for you!
  • Oh good!  As hard as it is try not to worry too much.  However, it gets worse after they are born and from what I understand it never stops.  The joy of parenting!
  • Isn't it amazing to see the baby move? At 8 weeks I only saw the h/b and no other movement but at 12 weeks the baby was doing somersaults and moving his/her arms and legs like crazy! It was cool. Looking forward to my "big" 20 week u/s on Monday.


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  • Awwwww... I'm so happy for  you! Congrats on the awesome u/s!
  • YAY I am so glad it went well! I knew it would! Welcome to the Honeymoon Trimester! Smile
  • YAY!  I am sooo glad everything went well, congrats!
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  • I am sooo happy everything is well..as for the worry part...that continues until they turn 18, but it's all worth it.
  • That's great news! It's so fun to see the little one moving around, isn't it? It's amazing how busy they are already.
  • That is great news! What a reflief!! Yippie and best of luck
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