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Questions about temp charting?

I have been told that unless you are a good sleeper that charting your bbt wont' be accurate. ?I am a very bad sleeper and usually get out of bed at least 2 times after 12 pm so I am not sure if its really worth it to do the bbt? ?I have finally had some luck with the opk's but still wondering if I should or shouldn't do the bbt thing...

BTW I am on round 2 of 25mg of clomid and in the tww. ?I am preparing for next month I guess...TIA!?

Re: Questions about temp charting?

  • Some people are more sensitive than others to things like getting up in the night.  I usually get up between 4am and 5am to pee and still take my temp at about 6:15.  I figure that temping is about seeing a pattern, not about exactly the temp you get.  So as long as you are regularly a bad sleeper and get up pretty consistently, your temps should still show patterns that will reveal if you ovulated or not.  You might have to pay particular attention for a few months and be very careful to note the other signs and what your opks say, but I think you should try it.  It can't hurt anything.

    I'm not sure if the meds you are on will have an impact on your temps--I'm sure your doc can tell you.

  • I usually get up at least 1-2 times a night and my chart is still showing a clear shift each month.  So, I think it is worth giving it a try.
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  • You're supposed to have 3 hours of?uninterrupted?sleep before you temp. I wake up a million times and I just try not to get up after 3am since I temp at 6. I also have had a clear shift and have not had problems understanding my chart. I would try it and see if helps.?
  • I get up at least once a night usually between 2-4 then, depending on how early I got up the 1st time,  I will get up again between 5-6. I have never had a problem showing a clear rise in my temp.  

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