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When does the crankiness end???

Ok so I thought that the terrible two's didn't start until well ummm 2. But we are facing the terrible 17 months right now. LOL It's TERRIBLE, AWFUL, just plain ole unpleasant! It happens at home and out in public. It's embarassing when it does happen out in public because people look at me like I don't know or care about what I'm doing and that's sooooooo not true. Mikey is currently in the No-stage. Everything I offer him he replies no and he means it. He'll slap that sippy cup out of my hand if I dare offer it to him when he says no. I of course don't let him get away with that and sternly tell him no but he does it again and again and again. Whether its with the sippy cup, a napkin on the table, daddy's cell phone, whatever he can get his hands on. I know that this is normal and I know that this is partly due to the fact that he wants to communicate but can't. But man its driving us crazy!!!! He's happy one minute and then the complete opposite the next.

For those of you with older toddlers when does this phase end? Is there anything I can do to help get through it besides asking him what he wants and trying to get him to tell me? 

Re: When does the crankiness end???

  • My mom told me this weekend that this is the "me" stage for babies. When its all about them and their wants. That is one way to put it.

    Sophia is doing that slapping thing, too, with her sippy cups and it is SO annoying. I just started listening to her. If she said no when I offered it, I put it down and don't force the issue. Same with meals. There are melt downs anyway - like how dare I assume that she wants butter on her bread and down she goes to the floor kicking and screaming. I ignore it. Harder in public but I try to ignore it there, too, because I don't want her to think she can get away with it anywhere.

    I would love to see people's answers and am glad you asked this. All I am doing right now is picking my battles. I am not fighting with her over food and drink. She won't starve herself. Its the behavioral stuff - like ignoring me when I call her or tell her no - that I put my foot down on. I take it away or her away, tell her no, and that is it. Sometimes she screams - sometimes she moves on to the next.

    This mommy thing ain't easy, tho! I am surely glad I am not going through it alone!

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  • you guys are scaring me....yikes!
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  • im a big fan of time out. 1 minute for year they are. (does that make sense, lol?!?!?!) I remember starting it with Alex at that age. Find a spot in your house and make it the FOREVER timeout, dont change the location. Soon enough they will learn that they dont want to be in that spot. It seems like so long ago, even though Alex is only 3, but I dont remember it lasting for too long. I'm a big fan of rules, structure, and discipline in my house, so time out worked and still does. Though, now when Alex cries or whines, he goes to his room, thats the only place that crying is allowed in my house. In fact, now he tells Max that he has to go to his room when he cries : )
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  • About 2.5/3 - at least for us.  We are a lot like Lauren and we try to be stern to be sure Noah ends up with manners.  It certainly makes it more challenging than if we let him get away with whatever he wants but I would like to believe it will benefit us in the end.  Good luck and hold on tight - it's one hell of a ride!
  • Yup, lots of slapping, throwing things and temper tantrums here.  Nicholas also likes to bang on his own head with his hand when he doesn't get his way.  It is super embarrassing in public.

    Honestly, at home if I can't distract him, I just put him down somewhere safe during a temper tantrum and tell him that I don't know what to do for him and walk away.

    In public, I am guilty to admit, I bribe him with his binky (which is normally only allowed to have for sleeping) and if that doesn't work, I try to get him out of the store and into the car as fast as possible.


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