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So tired of drippy noses & coughs. ;(

I am super tired. ;( Sophia has a cough again and had me up part of the night listening to her cough even though she slept through most of it. When do these non-stop colds end again? I feel like she has a constant drippy nose that I am constantly wiping! This morning she sneezed in the backseat while I was on the turnpike then wiped her boogers away with her pancake before she ate the damn thing. I tried to stop her from the front seat but couldn't so now all I can do is laugh. But how annoying it must be for her to be sniffly so often. Is this a daycare thing? An age thing? Both?

Moms with the kids in daycare and those at home - what is your experience at this age? I feel like its only gotten worse since she turned one and I expected it to get better.




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Re: So tired of drippy noses & coughs. ;(

  • Angelina has had a cold since the day Julian got home! and now he also has a stuffy nose. Angelina has had several colds since starting daycare but also had them before. Definitely more often now though, this cold was not a daycare cold it was a change in temp cold. I feel so bad for her because the other day she even woke up in the middle of the night at my mom's house coughing and threw up 3 times :( Kisses to Sophia :)

    I think it's a combo of age and daycare


  • mady had a constant runny nose all thru-out winter (with the temp always changing it wasnt easy to maintain it)'s gotten better since spring arrived....she isnt in daycare but she is around my nanny's grandchildren thru-out the day and when 1 catches a runny nose its like a dominoe effect.

    i used saline every night and a humidifier every night - the damn runny nose is what is the main cause of an ear infection and she's super prone to those!

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  • Poor Sophia!

    Mikey rarely gets sick at daycare. He's only gotten a few bad colds since starting daycare a year ago, granted when he gets sick he gets SICK! **Knock on wood **

    Could she have allergies? It's BAD allergy season right now and its not going to lighten up just yet either since everything is starting to bloom.

  • Kendall has had a runny nose and cough since day 2 of daycare back right after new years.  I just asked her pediatrician about it again and everything is good (no fluid in the lungs, no ear infection) - just what she likes to call "daycare nose".  I hate that she has to be there - especially since some parents just seem to take their kids there even when they shouldn't (like when they have pink eye) - but am happy that our families are able to watch her part-time.  I would say the cough would be due to the drip from the nose - I have been dealing with this personally for the last 2 weeks myself!
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