Since we're on the subject of heartburn..does anyone — The Bump
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Since we're on the subject of heartburn..does anyone

or has anyone gagged while brushing their teeth?  I thought this would've gone away in the beginning of 2nd Tri but geez this isn't getting any better.  I find it difficult to brush in the morning more and more, I feel like I am going to vomit in the tub everytime I brush, not to mention the 30 min lotion ritual that I have after the brushing my teeth.

Re: Since we're on the subject of heartburn..does anyone

  • I'm early yet, but OOOOOHHHHH yes.  I used to brush my tongue, too, but not since early February.  Flossing my molars?  HAHAHAHahahahahahaa no.
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  • oh yeah!  fun, fun, fun ... not to mention that my M/S just stopped only about 3 wks ago .... although I still get "that" feeling about once a week. YAY!
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  • I knew I wasn't losing my mind, u gals are awesome!

    I brush my teeth while I take a shower every morning and DH hears me gag in the bathroom and thinks I'am nuts...glad u ladies proved him wrong.

  • Not so much when I brush, but I can hardly wear my mouth guard at night (I grind). I can leave it in for a bit, but once the heartburn wakes me up, it has to come out or I completely gag!
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