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Logan's (Long) Birth Story..Started with an Epidural, Ended Naturally

Logan Patrick was born on March 19 at 12:30 am, weighed 8 pounds, and was 19 3/4" long!

I was induced on March 18 at 40 weeks, 4 days.  I got to the hospital at 6 am and checked in.  The doctor came in, started the cytotec at 8:30 am, and said he would be back at 12:30 pm to break my water. I was still 3 cm and 70% effaced, as I had been since 37 weeks.

We walked around the hospital for 2 hours to try and get things going.  The nurse checked me at 11 am and I was 4 cm and 100 % effaced. The dr finally came back at 1:10 pm and broke my water.  That is when the contractions started.  I had about an hour of contractions and they gave me the epidural at 2:35 pm and had to poke me twice to get it in the right spot.

At 3:30 pm they checked me and I was 6 cm. They then started pitocin because the epidural slowed the contractions down tremendously.  At 5 pm they checked me again and I was 8 cm.  They ended up stopping the pitocin for some reason at 6 pm, so the contractions slowed again. I finally reached 10 cm at around 7:30 pm.

We started practice pushing at 9 pm, but I could not feel the right way to push, so they turned off the epidural.  It wore off around 10 pm, so with each push I felt everything at that point. I ended up pushing until 12:30 am on March 19, when he was finally vacuumed out because I just could not push without help anymore.  I did not receive an episiotomy, so a few stitches on the inside of the left and right sides, and a few stitches in the middle inside. Not too bad for a pretty much pain free beginning of labor (with the help of an epidural) to a natural birth at the end.

He still has a little conehead shape from being in the birth canal for so long and the vacuum, but it is going down.  He had a fetal arrythymia that we have to go see a pediatric cardiologist for on Friday, but his pediatrician said he is not worried. We are working on breastfeeding-he is getting better every day with it, but the pediatrician is having us supplement formula so his weight goes back up. His nights are mixed up, but we are all dealing with it pretty well.  My DH and I are so in love with him and we are he is finally here.

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