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Insurance Woes (Long)

I knew having a baby would be a financial strain but I hate that I misunderstood my insurance benefits and didn't switch to my husband's plan (through his job) last year when we got married.  We thought we were saving money by keeping me on my plan but in the last 7 months I found out how wrong we were.

First off, just before I got pregnant (less than 10 days actually) I had to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy for my chronic acid reflux and IBS issues. Well due to technicalities?procedure done in a facility rather than an office?I'm slowing paying of $1000 in related bills.

Then I get pregnant and call Oxford (my insurance) and they say that all I have to pay is one $30 copay and everything else is covered. Sounds good, right?

But my Obstetrician's office does NOT do ultrasounds in the office and my insurance plan considers any procedures?ultrasounds including?done at the hospital to go towards my in-network deductible of $2500.  

Thus far I've put almost $1200 towards my deductible this year (not counting the $1000 from last year that I'm paying off) and I'm going to have to dip into our savings account to pay those bills.  And if our baby is born in July (and that's not out of the realm of possibility) I'll still be self-insured and will be paying at least $3000 if not more to pay off hospital bills for labor & delivery.

Please pray I deliver in August when I'm on my husband's insurance?ie. go into labor 8/1 or later?since it will only cost $500 for my stay if that's the case.

I'm feeling so stressed from the money stuff that I feel sick. I could have handled it better had I not had to pay for that procedure last year and the ultrasounds this year.


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Re: Insurance Woes (Long)

  • I'm so sorry! That's got to be stressful! Try to minimize the stress though so your little one doesn't come until August.

  • I'll cross my fingers for August for you! 

    I don't know if this will ease your mind at all, but a lot of hospital billing offices will work out a monthly payment plan with you.  I had some big medical bills when I was underinsured in my 20s, and they were very nice about working out an arrangement with me.  There's no interest charged on the balance either.  Try not to stress yourself out too much!

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  • ugh wtf is with this browser/site? sorry to hear about the stress of all of the insurance stuff. I feel your pain. I am so flippin stressed that it's starting to take it's toll. I normally do really well but with this economy (I am in sales), I am not making any money. It's stressful enough to be pregnant and then have money issues at the same time...ugh. Anyway, fingers crossed for DH's insurance covering the birth-hospital stay!

    We need Christine to keep posting deals she find so we won't be in the poor house pre-baby! Smile

  • Thanks for the August vibes... I'm going to try to get this out of my mind and if my baby does come early at least I'm about halfway towards my deductible. LOL. (They cover 70% after that.)

    And I know the hospital will work out a monthly payment plan. We decided to use our savings for the ultrasounds (from our wedding gifts) and will deal with the possibility of paying off labor & delivery if and when that happens. I was just feeling overwhelmed by bills today.


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  • Oh god, honey - i'm so sooo sorry about the mess.   I'm really miserable to read this also because i am with United right now, through my husband's old job (that he was laid off from last year) via cobra.    We're now eligible for his new insurance, as he's been at this job for 3 mos - which is..

    **drumroll please**


    I've had them before, and I don't love them.    And the idea of having to try to switch carriers at 33 weeks pregnant doesn't amuse me, let alone i can imagine it won't amuse THEM. 

    I have to figure all this out today as tomorrow is the deadline to switch over to his new insurance - or we're stuck paying for cobra for another 6 mos.. and for a family?  it HURTS.

    Makes you think twice about the whole socialized medicine thing, doesn't it.

    hang in there honey!


  • Go go August!


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  • I'm soooo sorry. That sucks! Here's to hoping your little one arrives in AugustBig Smile
  • Thanks for all the August wishes, everyone.

    And, Christine, I don't think Oxford is bad per se?I was insured by them years ago through a former employer and all was fine?but the issue is that I'm on an individual plan that I got through eHealth Insurance and the only one I could afford (now at a whopping $499 per month) had the high deductible and restrictions.

    Hopefully you won't have the same issues I've had.  Though I feel you on the costs.  COBRA is pricey and being self-insured is even pricier.

    My husband's plan is United HealthCare (through his job) and I can be added to his plan as of 8/1?which will be my 39th week. I'm sure they'll love that... LOL.

    Until this pregnancy, the plan suited me well and paid for most of my expenses. What got me was them covering the ultrasounds at a negotiated rate but I have to pay it. For example my anatomy scan is billed at $1000 but the plan negotiates $500 and I'll be paying the hospital the $500 (other two ultrasounds were less, but in the $300 range ea.).


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