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I am currently 35 almost 36, we are ttc# 3.  My last couple of cycles have shortened.  Since my daughter was born I have been very, very regular just about every 28 days.  In November 2008 I had a BFP which just a few of days later resulted in a natural miscarriage.  The month after that my cycle went to almost 30 days, which was still ok it was within the normal limits.  However, the last 2 months I have had 24 and 25 day cycles with only 8 or 9 days for LP.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I called to get an appointment with my Dr. but can't get in until April 15.

Re: Cycle Changes

  • Sorry about your m/c. ?My cycles were 28-29 days prior to my m/c's. Afterwards my cycle lengthened to 31-32 days. ?

    I've read that normal cycles can vary from 21 to 35 days, so you're still in the range. ?It would be good to check with your doctor though since you're concerned about the change. ?Maybe your body is just taking some time to get back into synch after the m/c. ?GL!

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  • My main concern is that my LP, I'm not sure it is long enough to support a preganancy, it is only 8-9 days and what I have researched shows that it needs to be at least 10 days but best if it is 14 days. 
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  • My cycles have varied a bit, typically they are 25 or 26 days, with a positive OPK on day 10 or 11. Some cycles have been 23 or 24 days, but I still O'd early.  I had a chemical pg at the beginning of March and my cycle that just ened yesterday was 28 days.

    As far as the LP, from what I have read from others ladies on this board it helps to take vitamin B6 and baby asprin to help lengthen their LP.  I hope that helps.

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  • I had success extending cycles by taking B6. The most recent short cycle I had was likely due to a cyst.
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