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Pregnant after 35

Hi Ladies,

I hope everyone's weekend was pleasant. 

I can't believe I am already 30 weeks!  Time really does go by quick.  I did my registry this weekend and my DH put so many things on my list that we didn't need.  He was scanner happy!  I don't think I will need 5 strollers.

Re: Hi Ladies,

  • Too funny!  We started our registry this weekend too. Though we only just started it and don't plan to add too much until closer to the end.

    Time sure flies... :)


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  • I'm in the middle... I'm at 31 weeks and part of me thinks it has flown by and part of me feels like I've been PG forever. I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead though so am HUGE! DH called me a yoga ball on toothpicks this weekend. I'm glad to hear my legs look like toothpicks, but the rest? Not so much!!

    I am determined though to get everything organized for Little One in the next two weeks so I can enjoy the last bit of my pregnancy!

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  • Hi Betsy! How fun! I am glad ya'll had fun. We are waiting til I am about 30 weeks, too. 5 strollers- lol- sounds like something my DH would do Smile
  • eeeeek!  I better get a move on !  Babies'R'Us here I come ....
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  • Yay for hitting 30 weeks! And I wish my DH would be a bit scanner-happy. He seems to be of the philosophy that babies can sleep in drawers and exist on one onesie a day. I love him for being a frugal minimalist, but come on!
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