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You commented on a post several weeks ago - https://community.thenest.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/12005522.aspx

Just wondering what input you could give me, given that you have had a lot of experience with ASD. (I am not so sure my SLP has) Auntie and Cranberry had some good comments on the original post as well...

DS is Dx 'autism' - He learns really fast + memorizes. The memorization is what concerns me the most b/c he is capable of memorizing so much information that he takes a prompt and remembers all the appropriate responses for the SLP & rarely generalizes the newer skills in everyday life. Skills he has mastered and generalized are true learned skills, but they take a lot of time and repitition.

So, my original question was -- At age 3  what would be appropriate developmental stages of speech to have been through. Also, do you have some sort of 'list' of dev. milestones that should be reached by 3? Are there things that you know of that relate so specifically to ASD that maybe she's missing if she's not that up on 'the spectrum'? I want to add to that -- if a recommendation for a hyperlexic child is to INCORPORATE words/reading into his therapy -- what kinds of things might you do different?

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