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PSA: Jardin crib recall

I just saw on a baby product site I check that there is a new recall for Jardin cribs. You should be able to access more info here...

Re: PSA: Jardin crib recall

  • Yeah, I just found out about this when we went to convert our oldest DD's crib to a bed.  She's 3 1/2 and the recall was released last June!  I'm PO'd that Jardine didn't send us an email, nothing in the mail about this recall.  We checked her crib and it is a recalled crib; the biggest pain in the rear is we can't get rails for it to convert it to a full size crib so now all we can do is get a voucher for a new crib!  I don't need a new crib, she's almost 4 and her lil sis already has a crib!  GRRR! Can you tell I'm frustrated?
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