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Fabric on Gliders?? Help Please!

DH and I went yesterday to buy our glider... we are actually getting a swivel/rocher chair/recliner versus the typical glider... Anyhow, the fabric that I had wanted was discontinued and I am still so pissed because looking at all the other fabrics last night, I couldn't decided. A lot of them were dull colors and just didn't strike me as being in a baby's room.

Anyhow, one that I did notice was the minky dot type of fabric. I like it for the color (very light green) and softness but DH is concerned about durability. WDYT? It is a Best Chair and their website goes on and on about their standards of fabrics. The lady in the store says that it wears well (but why would she say otherwise).

It can be spot cleaned but the fabric is so soft and fuzzy, I guess he is concerned about cleaning it and it looking worn out. I just don't want some beige recliner in the room. I want it to look babyish...

Any thoughts on the durablitiy of Minky Dot... Would you go with it or choose another fabric type. Any experiences with Best Chairs?

Re: Fabric on Gliders?? Help Please!

  • I don't really have an answer for you but wanted to give you my 2 cents regarding "looking babyish" - we chose the opposite b/c we plan to use the glider long after we are done having babies. Just something to consider, it's an expensive piece of furniture and you may want it to last more than 2-3 years.

    perhaps someone else will have an answer for you

  • I did take that into consideration, however we plan on having 3 children at least so it would need to be reupolstered before being put into a living room later down the road. It will remain in a nursery for quite a while...

    Ughhh... I don't know what to do. The previous fabric that got discontinued was a good in between that could have been used in a room other than a baby room. I don't know why I am stressing over this so much.

  • is the fabric removable for washing? if so, then you could get the one you like now and get a different one later

  • Yeah, do they do slipcovers??
  • No - it is a recliner so it is upholstered.
  • I have a Best Chair glider and love it.  Mine is covered in a microfiber and he has gotten spit up on it and it wiped right up.  Also, I worked in a baby boutique store that sold Best Chairs and one of the one's on the floor was in the minky dot fabric.  We had numerous people getting in and out of the chair and I would say that it really was holding up nicely.  I would recommend the company and their fabric.
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  • I have a Best Chair and picked out the light cream color with a swirly type pattern.  Everyone said I was crazy for picking cream but every spot has come out.   I don't even really notice any wear or dirt on the arms.  I loved the Minky Dot but I was worried about durability too.  I just wondered if it would look that good 3 or 4 years from now.
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  • We have an upholstered recliner/glider from Dutalier.  We LOVE it!  We got it in light green so we can use it in a girl or boys room.  The fabric is microfiber (I think that's what it's called) and it is very durable.  I think a minky dot fabric would look worn.  We have a minky dot changing table cover and after a few days it looks kinda smooshy. 
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