TTC after 35


I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering how things are going for you. ?It's so good to see you again!

In response to the part of your post re: stimming too fast, I am pretty sure most REs assume that girls our age are going to be slow reponders. ?I am glad we both got that little science experiment taken care of already!

Good luck with your IVF cycle. ?I would be more than happy to follow your BFP a few weeks later!?

Image  by TinyPic Me 43, DH 49 Married November 3, 2007 TTC #1 since November 2007 First RE appointment May 13, HSG 5/17- tubes are clear, SA - very good, FSH 6.8, rubella immunity, saline sonogram 7/2 - uterine polyps, hysteroscopy date FINALLY 9/4! Blood pressure and thyroid are under control! Come on BFP!!!! My Blog IUI#1 1/14 , AF=BFN 1/28, IUI #2 3/9, AF=BFN 3/20 Cycle 20 IVF #1 = BFP!!! Beta #1- 196 Beta #2- 784 Egg retrieval 5/1 - 11 eggs! Update 5/2 - 9 mature, 7 fertilized! Embryo transfer 5/6 - transferred 2 beautiful blasts and have one snowbaby Induction scheduled for 01/11/10 - 38 weeks, 1 day April 3, 2012 FET with snowbaby (identical twins) BFN and a big broken heart Moving on to DE Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker8/2012-Donor chosen! 9/2012-12/2012-Donor passed all testing, off BC pills, waiting to complete 2 full cycles. 12/16/2012-cannot move forward with donor, cycles not regulating. 12/17-New proven donor 1/11- started Lupron on our baby boy's 3rd birthday 
Egg retrieval 2/27 - 27 eggs, 24 mature, 19 fertilized
Embryo transfer 3/4 - 2 beautiful, hatching blasts and nothing left to freeze.  Beta #1 461 9dp5dt. Beta #2 1230 11dp5dt.
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Re: ***marriedayooper***

  • Indy,

    Well, we showed 'em didn't we...we are over achievers when it comes to responding!  Now if we can just get our embies to do the same - that would be perfect.  Keeping fingers crossed for both of us!  I really hope it's going to work this time for both of us!   

    IVF # 2 is going along pretty well until today - my Estrogen went up 1,000 in the last 2 days.  They decreased my Gonal F dose starting tonight and I think I'm on still on schedule for retrieval Friday or Saturday.  I saw your next post, but have not read it yet - I'm going to now. 

    Keep in touch and take care!


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