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EEG tomorrow

It's at 2pm and Marley has to be sleep deprived, so no morning nap.Perhaps we'll find a reason for her 2 hour complex partial seizure that she had a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps not.I don't know what would be better- having a normal EEG or having one that shows abnormal brain activity. At least if we knew something was wrong we could have a plan as to how to treat it. If it's negative, well, I don't think that'll necessarily mean she won't have another. Seizures are unpredictable and they suck.So keep us in your thoughts...?
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Re: EEG tomorrow

  • Praying that everything goes well and that you get some answers!
  • Best of luck tomorrow!
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  • I hope everything goes well!
  • Good luck! Praying for your LO.  My nephew is 2 weeks old and has been montiored by an EEG for 3 days now.  He has had a number of seizures beofre getting monitored.  My sister said the same thing.  Going home if the EEG is normal is what you want but you have no answers.  Seizures really suck and are very scary.  I will be thinking of you.
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  • Good Luck today, keeping Marley and you in our thoughts and prayers, keep us posted. My fingers and toes are crossed that you get some answers to help ease fears and answer questions you have.
  • You and Lil' Marley will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Yes, seizures suck @$$!  

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