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XP: Feeding Tube Problem - Need help

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  Now that we can lay the boys down to sleep in their cribs (instead of sleeping in bouncy chairs) they have started to roll back and forth from side to side like crazy.  I'm thrilled about this.  But the last few nights I have found each baby with either their feeding tube or a farrell tube, or in some instances both tubes, wrapped around their necks.  Since my guys are on 22hr/day continuous feeds they have to be hooked up to tubes while sleeping.  How do you deal with this? 

It's just another reason why I'm not sleeping at night.  I check on them constantly, at about 45 minute intervals and thank god I do because this is how I catch the tubes wrapping before something bad happens. 

What do I do????

Re: XP: Feeding Tube Problem - Need help

  • Gosh, my DS is such a sound sleeper, he rarely moved when we were doing the continuous feeds at night, so I never thought anything about it.  Is there any way you could see if they will let you up their daily feeds and take them off at night?  We do this now.  We were on 50ml/hr now we do 65ml/hr but we cut it off at around 2:00a.m. and don't restart until he wakes up.  It has worked really well for us.

  • Owen has never has trouble with the tube around his neck.  We have the pump at the foot of the bed so the tube is pointed towards his feet.  It isn't near his neck at all.  Owen doesn't roll( even at 15 months) so we roll him almost every hour.  Not sure what to tell you to do except maybe try the pumps at a diffrent spot away from their upper half? Good luck...I understand the feeling of not sleeping and worrying and checking on them.  Best of luck.
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  • I would also put the pump closer to the crib. If possible use a shorter extension (if you have a button). Also if that doesnt work have you tried using a snugger onsie and run it down the leg? That might also help.

    Good luck!

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  • We hang the feeding pump on an IV pole next to DS's crib. We pull the extension tube out between the buttons in his pajamas and then secure the tube to his leg so if he moves, the tube moves with him. I would make sure their bags are at the foot of their beds rather than near their heads, so you can run the tubing down and away from them. My son is on continuous feeds overnight, and he also just started rolling, so I feel your pain.?
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