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Who spends their Monday 'recovering' from the wknd?

I swear, I spend all day Monday putting the house back together after the weekend... I don't get any housework done on weekends.  We normally just have fun family time, go out, go to the beach, take weekend trips, relax on the weekends.  When Monday rolls around, either I'm unpacking and doing laundry from a trip, or I'm cleaning up the house from the mess we made over the weekend.  (My DH is a huge slob and can make an extraordinary mess in very little time, so two full days at home is a disaster.)

Anybody else?

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Re: Who spends their Monday 'recovering' from the wknd?

  • Me!  My DH is a total slob as well, and I spend 1/2 of Monday cleaning up after him.  We don't do any housework on the weekend either, besides keeping the kitchen in working order.  I'm exhausted on Monday night!
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  • Same here.DH is also a huge slob so by the time Mon. comes I'm so glad to have him out of the house so I can clean up the place.
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  • I hear that! Part of me staying home was that we would have more family time on weekends instead of using it to run errands, clean, and do house stuff. So nothing gets done on the weekends which is nice but Monday I have to hit the ground running to clean up, do laundry, and pick up the house and get a good start for the week.
  • Weekends are our fun time as a family, so while I do the occassional load of laundry and while we keep the kitchen generally clean, there always seems to be a lot to clean up on Mondays. Monday is also errand and grocery day, so by the time DH gets home, I'm exhausted. Thankfully I have Desperate Housewives to look forward to (it air on Monday nights here in Melbourne), and after that I head straight to bed.
  • I spend Monday recovering from 2 full days without childcare. But I live for weekends, DH is home and he's a huge help. Yeah we don't do the laundry or chores on weekends, our time is too precious, but its sooo much easier when he's home.

    I would have thought with an 18 month old in the house you would need DH home just get anything done. When DS was that age you couldn't leave him alone for a second and I was doing laundry late at night after DH got in from work. 

  • I usually do my "recovery" on Sunday afternoon so I can go back to business as usual on Monday morning, but he works Saturdays, so there usually isn't much.  My husband is a pretty big slob, too, lol!  I do a lighter version of my cleaning routine on Sunday, so it's not usually too awful.
  • I am right there with you.  Between DH and SS, the house COULD end up a huge mess.

    But I started training them BEFORE the baby came, so it is NOT as bad as it could be.  

    Not to mention I insituted a rule, what is left out Monday Morning, I get to put away.  And if that means you cannot find it for a week (mostly for SS), Oh well.  It only took 3x of loosing his DS before SS realized I meant business.  Now if only I can get DH to figure that one out too....

  • I honestly kind of like Mondays for this reason. It feels like I'm thrown off on the weekends and not in our "daily" routine. The house is quiet and I can get back to business! :)
  • Saturday and Sunday is when Hubster helps clean the house, so Monday morning the place looks great!  It's when Friday rolls around that the place looks like a tornado hit it, and I'm sure Saturday morning Hubster wakes up all ", I JUST cleaned this place last weekend" haha
  • Here lately... yes!!

    DH is finally home on weekends (crunch time at work the last 4 months required him to work LONG days and all day Saturdays!) so, we are excited to get out-and-about and seems like we spend all weekend away from home, on-the-go so, not much gets done around here!  :)

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