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LA Times re: Vaccinations

Interesting article from the LA Times regarding vaccinations.  According to the article, hundreds of CA schools are at risk for preventable disease outbreaks due to lack of immunization.  Link

Re: LA Times re: Vaccinations

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  • So do half the girls on the CO Board.  Weird. 

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  • good article, old msg - I really feel bad for the kids whose parents decide not to vaccinate them; IMO the risks are too high, esp. in today's interconnected world, the kid sitting next to yours could've been on vacation last week in some country where diseases are rampant; the sad thing is that the kids don't get a voice in the matter....
  • It's very unfortunate some parents choose this route for their children.  But it really upsets me they put so many others at risk.  All infants, for example.

    The reason most of these diseases were eradicated in this country is because of vaccinations.  I support stronger requirements for vaccinations.  The risk of not vaccinating is too great.

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