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Did anyone here NOT have TTC #1?

I will be honest here...DD was a complete surprise and completely un planned. Yes. I was one of those.

Now I have been TTC #2 for 20 months, dont O on my own, and have very PCOSish ovaries.

I had no idea that fertility can change until I was facing IF.

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Re: Did anyone here NOT have TTC #1?

  • DS was a complete surprise for us. We also got pregnant on our own twice when we first started trying (though both of those pregnancies ended in m/c.). It was a really tough pill to swallow that we needed help this time.
  • DS #1 (16 yrs old now) was a total oops baby. ?Now I cannot get pg without going through IVF
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  • You "fertility" did not exactly change. You may have just gotten lucky the first time around. Oh I hope you have some luck soon for this one!!
  • I found out I was pg with DD about 6 weeks after our wedding. I was shocked to find that I didn't O on my own after I had her and even more shocked to find out that DH has MFI. We got lucky, I guess!  
  • I got pg with DS 1st cycle.  This time, I haven't been trying long, but have had consistent short LP's so my doc put me on Clomid quickly.

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  • We got pregnant with DD on cycle 2 and we got pregnant with DS on cycle 1.  It never occured to me that we would have trouble TTC another baby, yet here I am nine months after our loss without a baby.

    Good luck to everyone!!!!

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  • We got pregnant with our first on cycle 2, but I wasn't charting, or using OPKs.  It's been just about a year this time around.  I've got my appointment made with my doctor.  We'll see if they can figure out what's going on.
  • We started TTC 8/06 and got a BFP 11/06, so I would say, "no" we didn't have trouble. But, I was on Metformin b/c my older sis was dx'd with PCOS and her/our Endocrinologist wanted to "catch" my PCOS before it reared it's ugly head. So, we'll never know if I would've had TTTC but who cares. We have a beautiful little girl:)

  • DS wasn't really a surprise, we decided to start trying for a baby (we weren't preventing) and we got pregnant the first month.

    It took us 13 months and one cycle to actually get pregnant.  I finally got pregnant the first month I got my period without Provera. 

    I also do not ovulate on my own due to PCOS.  That's really my only symptom. 

    Good luck.

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  • We had no problems with our first.  We decided that we wnated to have a baby and the 2nd month we were pg.  Now we have been trying for 21 months and we just had a m/c.  It has been a crazy ride!!!
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  • I got pregnant literally on our first try with ds. ?Now this time Im not getting af and Im not ovulating. ?We have been trying for 6 months. ?But I haven't had af for 3 months so it isn't going to happen on my own. ?Im taking provera right now to bring on AF. ?My dr thinks Im going to need to take clomid.

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