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Gavin's "Easy" C-Section

2 days past my due date, 4 centimeters dilated, swollen and leaving the hospital in tears after a false alarm...It was after that I decided maternity leave begins TODAY, and I am doing everything possible to get this baby out! After numerous natural remedies...pineapple, walking, "marital activities" =) and other such things, Gavin was still forward to a week and a day overdue, when I had strangely just stopped trying to predict when this baby was coming!

DH had left for work around 9 and I was enjoying what I knew would be some of my last few days of delicious sleeping in...around 9:45 I was awokened by some pretty nasty cramps...I debated calling the doctor because we were going in the very next day, but I talked it over with DH and  decided he would stay at work, and I would go in to see the doctor just to check on things, and call him afterwards...In the process of getting ready to leave for the doc's, I began bleeding pretty badly and quickly...I called DH and in a conversation of 4 words ("Im bleeding"..."Im coming!!") we spoke a world of excitement, nervousness and hope to each other...We kind of both knew this was it, because I could not bear being sent home from the hospital baby-less again! The doctors told us to go straight to Labor and Delivery, where we had amazing nurses from start to finish! (jennifer from Christ Hospital, if you ever read this, you MADE our delivery!!) We began the round of calling parents and sending out a giant text asking for prayer, trying to be as calm as possible...the cramps turned into contractions from hell and by noon i was admitted to a room and dilated about 5 cm...DH was a rock star the whole time running for ice chips and taking me for walks and other things that shall remain nameless, but let's just say no husband should have to do them!! lol...anyhoo, the doctors began pitocin (evil!) in the hopes of getting some more dilation, but after about 6 hours of contractions, I was begging for an epidural and there was no movement in the exit area...(PS,  yay for Steve the Epidural, sir, are, however for the pain getting it in!) once we had the epidural in, I was good...I mean, reaaally goooood! =) BUT not so "good" that I was out of it... just didn't feel A THING!

Dr. Roberts came in around 9:30 and assessed the situation, and broke the news that the c-section I was hoping to avoid was pretty much our only option at this point...I thought my first reaction would have been some potty words and fear, but I had a really good peace about it. DH and I were prepped and I was taken in to the OR...DH was by my side and apparently I looked at him and said "Don't let me die..." ah, medicine! The cesarean went perfectly except for when Gavin was actually born and the doctors shouted " Look at all that hair!" DH, the excited daddy, stood up and immediately wished he didn't...while he saw his son, he also saw all of me! I guess you could say now he really does love me from the inside out? =)

Gavin Lucas entered the world at 10:06 pm on December 18th, 2008, to an entire crowd of excited family members! He is strong, adorable and perfect in every way...

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