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Gabrielle's quick waterbirth

Ok...So I gave birth 4 1/2 months ago, but I am new to thebump.

On Monday, November 17th at 1 am I started having really bad back pains. They were very quick and I couldnt really time them, so I wasnt sure if I was going into labor or not. I called the nurses line and the nurse suspected I was in back labor and told me to come in to the hospital. At 3:15 am my husband and I arrived at the hospital. I was 1 cent. dilated. At about 6 am I lost my plug and started bleeding. I was checked again and was 9 cent. dilated. At that time the nurse called my midwife and started filling up the birthing tub. Close to 7 am I got in the tub and labored in it until my midwife arrived. I had such a strong urge to push, but was told to wait until my midwife was present. Once she arrived I was ready to push and after about 15 minutes of pushing, I gave birth to my beautiful 7lbs 1oz daughter at 7:42am.  

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