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Christian's Birth (long)

So Christian is Finally here! Here is the story.....I had the usual cramping when i went to sleep and didnt think anything of it.  It was 2:50AM and i got up to pee...well I took 2 steps away from the bed and water broke...i know they say its usually not a big gush but boy was i woke up dh and told him.  He started racing around the house getting my bag, coat ect....while i waddled to the bathroom.

I got changed and we left for the hospital right away...I was already 3cm and 90% effaced and i did not want to labor at home (i was paranoid).  When we got to the hospital is when my contractions started and they started out Strong!  I wanted to try to go as long as i could without the epi but i was not against it...I labored till 6:30am and then i couldnt do it anymore....I asked for the epi, and by the way, it hurt but is def not as bad as people say. 

But of course, after the epi, contractions slowed down so they started me on pitocin...we tried to get some sleep while we waited but i couldnt sleep...i labored until 2pm when i was finally at 10cm..well then the fun began...I pushed and pushed for 2 hours!!! The Entire time, my dh, sister, and ob kept saying they could see the head....but he wouldnt come out!  I also popped a blood vessel and blood squirted all over the dr's shirt...he had to go change and left me with the nurse for a while hehe....Then ob noticed i had a fever and was getting worried that the baby was in distress....He told me we have to get him out now or i would need a c-section.  This was the ONE thing i did not want! so i kept trying and trying and ob eventually  busted out the vacuum....once his head started to come out he used the vaccum and my little cone head was born at 4:05pm!  

I was beyond exhaused, im not sure if i tore or if the doc cut me but i had to have 4 sutures... my sis and dh both say they have never seen so much blood.....It was def not an easy labor!  I didnt even see the baby until like a half hour later because the pediatrician had to check him right away and i took a while getting stitched and cleaned up.  Recovery was very hard, i could barely move, i was very weak because i lost so much blood and i was so swollen down there. (sorry if tmi)...i had a catheter in for almost 2 days because i couldnt get out of bed...but im doing well now and i am so glad he is finally here....the end of pregnancy was very rough!  good luck to you ladies and i will post pics soon!

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