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Could it actually be possible... ovulate on CD7?  No, I don't chart or temp but I just started using the ovulation test strips and nothing yet.  But, on CD7 (when my DH was out of town for business) I thought I was having a lot of CM.  But I was really counting on this next week being my O time!  Man, I don't know what's worse.  The 2WW or the O wait.  I am hoping that there is no way I ovulated at CD7 and that the CM was a fluke...or my imagination.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we have a chance for this week!

By the way, sorry I am not on here much unless I have questions...I have been trying to keep myself busy with other things instead of being obsessed with TTC.

Happy Sunday to you all and any advice or encouraging words (lies or not) would be great!  =]

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Re: Could it actually be possible...

  • It is possible but I would take that lightly. You can have several episodes of fertile CM in a cycle. The OPKs are helpful but I have heard of other ladies that have 7 positives in a row. The only way to truly confirm if you o'd would be a confirmation in a temp. shift. Are you considering temping? I started, though I didn't need to then started again. These last cycles temping I have been really in tune with when I was O'ing.

  • I always get EWCM on days 6-8 and do not O until day 14.

    I guess if you aren't o-ing, the upside would be sex without needing lube.....

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  • I think it is possible to O that early, but very unlikely.  I ovulate early and this cycle I started getting EWCM on CD7, but didn't actually O until CD11.  So, even if you saw CM that early, you probably wouldn't have O'd that early.  How long are your cycles normally? 
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  • Like others have said. It's possible but not likely. Try an OPK or start temping. I think you could probably figure out if you o'd or not.  I know you may not want to do either but I think it would help with the puzzle.

    My usual cycle is 25 or 26 days. I usually O on day1 0 but start getting some slippery CM on day 7. But not true ECWM until day 9 or 10. Not sure if this helps or not but I hope you get your BFP sooner rather than later :) 

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  • Well, I know it is possible because it happened to me.  I got pregnant with my son on CD6, even though my doctor told me that it was too early to ovulate.  
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