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When should I ask my friend if I can host a baby shower for her?

She is only 8 weeks along.  I was thinking right after she goes into her second trimester. 

I was also going to ask if she wants a traditional all-girl shower or a couple shower.  She is like me and moved very far from family for DH's job.  I think she will probably go home for a family one.  I was wanting to do one out here maybe even with all the DH's.


Re: When should I ask my friend if I can host a baby shower for her?

  • You could offer at any time really. My BFF told me she wanted to give me a shower as soon as I told her I was pg. It was kind of nice for me to know that someone had already offered early on. Then as I got further along we started looking at when was a good time with her schedule and mine and once we set a date she started really planning it. It was last weekend and it was so nice! If you don't care if the shower is all-girls or co-ed you could always leave that up to her. Good luck!

  • I think your plan sounds perfect.  When you ask her for a guestlist give her an idea of how many people you're looking to host.  It prevents an awkward conversation about how happy you are that she has 100 friends to invite and how unfortunate it is that your house can hold 25, max.
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  • I agree that the offer can come as early as now. The details, of course, don't need to be worked out until sometime in 2nd tri, but you could certainly tell her right now that you'd like to throw her one. I'm sure she'll be thrilled - how nice of you!
  • You can ask whenever you want. I got pg in July and my sister first mentioned my baby shower to me in the beginning of September.

  • You can offer at any time.  I wouldn't start selecting dates or planning, though, until she's well into her second trimester.  If she's going to find out the sex, I would wait to plan until then (around 20 weeks), then you can set a date, decide on colors/theme, and all of that stuff.
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  • most people have their showers between 30 and 35 weeks... but you can make the offer at any time, really. but you might want to wait until she's reached the 13 week date, just in case!
  • When to ask her? ?The sooner the better! ?I'm sure she's already thinking about it, even if she doesn't say anything! ?It'll be a relief to her, I'm sure! ?You're a good friend!!
  • As soon as I told my friend I was pregnant, she said "I call shotgun on throwing your shower."  Sure it was very early but it was nice peace of mind that I didn't have to think about it.  I'd say ask her asap before somebody else does!
  • I think anytime is fine. I like the idea of being in on it. I disliked that mine was suprise. I wasn't dressed how I would have liked and it just seemed like a lot. But I was 35/36 weeks and stressed anyways. Thats nice of you to throw her a shower.
  • Anytime, as soon as I told everyone I was pregnant they were offering.  I don't think it is ever too early to offer.
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