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i saw that you responded below about san diego. oh and glad dh made it home safely

yes i recommend doing a harbor cruise, maybe do a sunset dinner cruise. very romantic.  spend some time at the beach. be warned; although it is warm air outside, the pacific ocean is typically COLLDDD!!! so probably only will be able to dip your feet in this time of year.  later in the summer is when most are able to go swimming

you might want to check out old town san diego. i think it was called the gas lamp district. i cant remember its been long time. more than 10yrs since i hung out down there.

oh and there are a lot of museums down there too. 

the weather forecast for this week is sunny and warm.

so yay for long weekend with dh.  its nice to getaway.

dh and i were supposed to go to yosemite today but that didnt work out. but we are still going to spend the day together today.

the countdown is on for you i bet for the vacation... its nice to have something to look forward too.

have fun and remember to bring sunblock and sunglassesCool because even if the weather is overcast, the sun is still pretty strong and if you burn easily you might want to be careful

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Re: ~~itsmexine~~

  • Thanks for the advice! We are really looking forward to getting away.  I think I'm going to take the day before we leave as a pampering day to help me unwind. I'm going to get my haircut, a mani/pedi and a massage.  I need to destress an fast.

     Sorry things didn't work out for you and getting away to Yosemite. Maybe another weekend soon? I hope you've had a good weekend.

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