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Comment from my geneticist

When Marley was 1 day old, a geneticist was summoned to my hospital room by our pedi. Among many of the things she said about Marley she made a comment I'll never forget:

"I see kids with genetic syndromes everywhere I go. I can just take one look at a kid and know that they have a syndrome, even if their own parents don't know it".

I think about that comment a lot and find myself staring at other babies and children wondering if I too can see their secret genetic syndrome. I also find her comment kind of comforting knowing that I'm not as alone as I think I am. ?

It's really fascinating that we're all not as "perfect" as we think we are.

I also think it's a fukking miracle that anyone is born without any issues.?

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Re: Comment from my geneticist

  • Your last comment about considering an   f-ing miracle noone is born with issues rings so true  to me....before my heart baby, I thought it was a given children were born healthy--sometimes a fluke if a baby was born with a condition--- Now its a totally different story. I'm jealous of others who have DCs who are perfectly healthy. i thought It would be a given my child would be healthy. But I was just naive...If I have another DC that is perfectly healthy I really will consider it a miracle..so paranoid! (maybe not paranoid but more aware of soooo many conditions that DC could have).
  • imageamajane:

    I also think it's a fukking miracle that anyone is born without any issues. 


    Isn't that the truth!! I swear I saw a little girl the other day with the same Dx as my DS and it was everything I could do to not go strike up a conversation with her Mom and see if she saw it too.  I kept thinking "I wonder is she knows..."

    The geneticist at NIH took one look at DS and said he could tell, and DS's facial features are really mild.  In some ways I think it has to be tough on the docs to go to a Dx instead of just noticing a cute well loved baby.

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