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Swimming with a Mic key

Maya has a peg tube right now, but we'll be getting a mic key in a few weeks.  She just loves bath time and wanted to sign her up for mommy and me swim classes.  Can you get in the pool with a mic key.  Do you have to cover it up and if so, what do cover it with? Sorry I'm new to all of this and her GI doc has not done a good job explaining things (we're switching doctors as soon as she gets her mic key put in).

Re: Swimming with a Mic key

  • This is a really good question that I wish I had an answer to.  DS has the peg (we don't plan on messing with it again because when we had it put in, it infected his VP shunts), but I would imagine with the mic key you could put some tegaderm or opsite over it to keep it sealed off.  Or maybe they make attachments to plug it, then you could seal it with the tegaderm??  IDK.
  • My daughter has a mic-key and we took her swimming last summer.   Our doctor said it was fine.   The chemicals in pools help kill off potential germs, etc.   We put her in a basic one-piece swimsuit and she loved it!!
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  • Isaac has been swimming with his mic key button.    Our doctor said it would be fine - and the water that could get in there would be negligible.  I still put a huge band aid patch on his belly and taped it with some foam tape - the guaze got a little damp, but the doctor just said to change it when we got him out, so that the area around it wouldn't be wet!   

    HE LOVED IT!!   

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