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baby bh has arrived!

Hi everyone,

I'll post with more details later, but Warner Douglas was born today at 12:36pm after 27(!!) hours of labor. He weighs 8 pounds, 9 oz and measures 21 inches long. I'm pretty tired, but doing well and Warner is absolutely amazing--Ken and I are hopelessly in love with him :-)




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  • Congrats..he's adorable. Hope you get some rest....27 hours is a very long time!!! But it looks like it was worth it!Big Smile
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  • He's absolutely adorable!  Congratulations!
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  • Yay, CONGRATS! He is just beautiful. :-)
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  • awwww he's so cute, congratulations and welcome to motherhood!
  • Congratulations!  He's a cutie!  (Even if he is wearing a Carolina hat...)

    Hope you can get some rest!

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  • Congrats!!! He is adorable!!
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  • He is so cute!  Congratulations!
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  • CONGRATULATIONS!! ?You deserve an award after that. ?He is gorgeous and I love the UNC hat. :) ?Get some rest!
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  • Yay!  Congratulations! 
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  • holy.moly!!!  27 hours!!!  what's up rockstar???  welcome warner!!
  • Congratulations! Warner is adorable (though I, too, oppose the UNC hat).

    Someday I'll want to get more details on this 27-hour business. Though maybe not until after I have to go through it. Wink

  • Congrats and welcome to the world Warner Douglas!  He's a cutie and you deserve a medal for enduring 27 hours of labor!
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  • congrats!

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  • That's wonderful news and I'm so glad he's finally here.
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  • Congrats!!!!! He is a cutie!!!!!!

  • Congratulations, he is just perfect!
  • He's so cute! Congratulations (and hope you managed to get some rest)!
  • AAAWWW! Congratulations! He is gorgeous. And I love the name Warner!
  • Congratulations!  Get some rest!
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  • Wow - 27 hours - you are a champ!

    Congratulations to you - love the name too!

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  • He is perfect!  Congratulations!
  • Wow, I can't wait to hear details of the 27 hours.  Congrats!  All of your hard work paid off--he is such a cutie!  I can't wait to meet him.  :)

  • Congrats on your little cutie.  As a Tar Heel myself, I love his hat.  Hope you got some rest and enjoy every minute with him. 
  • Congrats! ?He is beautiful.

    I can't wait to her your labor story. ?I also had a very long labor. ?Induction started at 11:00 pm on Wednesday night and I didn't deliver until 11:00 am on Friday! ?Quite an ordeal, but well worth every second!?

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  • Congratulations! What a big beautiful boy!!
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  • HOLY 27 hours BATMAN~!

    you are incredible and he is gorgeous! 

    So glad he's finally here and get some rest!

  • Wow - 27 hours! Can't wait to hear that birth story. Warner is adorable - I especially love the picture with the hat. Congratulations!!!
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  • Congrats Super-Mom! 27 hours...wowsa. He must have really liked it in there :)  He is adorable. Enjoy your new bundle of joy.
  • Congrats!! What a cutie pie!!
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  • Congratulations...he is so cute :-)
  • Congratulations!  He is adorable!
  • congrats!

    look at those cheeks! what a cutie!

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  • congrats! he's a cutie!
  • Congratulations!! He is so adorable!!
  • Congratulations, he is a beauty!
  • Yay! Congrats! Welcome Baby bh2720!
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  • Congrats!  27 hours - you deserve an award in addition to the baby after that long.  He's such a cutie!
  • Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear all that happened in 27 hours! Yikes. You're a trooper.
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