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I see you're quite the crafty lady, so I have a question, if you don't mind. My DD is almost 2, so she's getting to the age where we can do more craft things. For her Easter basket, I ordered a bunch of craft supplies from Oriental Trading Co and other places. I'm just curious how you store all of your supplies. There are so many little pieces - pompoms, googly eyes, paint and brushes, etc. I'm thinking of getting a big Sterilite drawer chest and putting little plastic boxes inside.

Just curious what you use. TIA

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Re: ***Zacook***

  • i have all the things in different ziplock baggies...such as pompoms googlie eyes, glitter, etc.. then i have the craft items all in a plastic box.. the i have her paints, brushes, crayons (all in separate baggies) color books paper in a big state farm eco-friendly bag... and i put the plastic box of crafts in the bag too.. not the best way but its all together and stores easy behind our couch.. or the top of her closet.. (anywhere out of her reach) HTH!!! 
  • Your line caught my attention and then I realized I have a great answer.  I am a crafty mom & my son loves making stuff.  I got 2 fishing tackle boxes from Target.  One is a kid sized one that holds his crayons and kid friendly supplies and the larger on is mine that holds the stuff that he would destroy in seconds.  It also makes it easy to throw in the car for him to color on trips.  I hope this helps a bit.
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