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Can we talk clothes??

I'm in dire need of help.  Where does a girl with a big 'ol booty buy a cute pair of jeans? I always have the hardest time finding anything that fits, I know I have plenty of pounds to lose but for now I can't hibernate at home.  Help!

Thanks ;)

Re: Can we talk clothes??

  • calvin klein jeans frmo Macy's fit ALL body types!  they're not too expensive and they fit wonderfully!!  like a glove :)
  • I have a pair of CK, and they do fit nice.  I just got a pair from Express, and OMG they are my favorite jeans!  Gap's Curvy line also fits very nicely.
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  • Big Booty Girls!!  I shop at New York and Company....they have different cuts, styles, and colors.
  • At Kohls they have a line called Apt 9 that has a wonderful collection of jeans. I'm big on dark denim jeans that also are cut like dress slacks. Look great with heels to go out. Not sure if that is what your looking for but they do have great lines and fit. Much more flattering to the body shape than other jeans do.
  • Thanks for the advice ladies!! Looks like I need to go try on some CK's and visit Kohl's.  Everytime we go out, I wear the same thing, black pants with a black top...blah! 

    Thanks again,


  • Mine used to be NY&Co but they stopped making the ones I like!

    My second stop is always GAP - which has REALLY nice ones. I have gotten a a few at decent priceses at the GAP outlet in the Keys Shops.

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  • Gap and try old Navy! you will be surprised!
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