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End of 72 hour video EEG

Well, while our lil' guy still has unexplained, abnormal brain activity, his EEG revealed a decrease in the number of spasms since being on the ketogenic diet since yesterday.  Not much of a decrease and our neurologist believe there won't be much of a decrease until out lil' guy is on the diet for at least 3 months, but her news was good news nontheless.

She is so sweet.  She told me not to blame myself for anything that has happened to our little guy and to make sure that I take care of myself and by DH as well.  I like this neuro MUCH more than the last one.

I will keep you in touch.  GTG and pick up my baby.  Have a great weekend!

Re: End of 72 hour video EEG

  • Glad to hear your good news!  And it does help to have a caring doc!  Some of them forget that part.

    Keep us updated! Terrence is adorable!!

  • So maybe not any more info but at least you like the doc and have a plan. God, seizure/spasms just suck BIG donkey balls!

    Hopefully his new diet is the perfect solution.?

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