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summer camp?

I know my DD is much older than most of the kiddos on this board but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask...

Does anyone know of any summer camps that aren't coed?  I'd really like to allow Sophi to go to camp for a week this summer but I'm not liking any of the options we've gotten info for (Camp Ernst, Camp Webb)..

I feel like a super lame & over protective mom... but all these programs are week long and coed, and for 5th to 8th graders...

If it were just a bunch of other 5th graders I wouldn't be too concerned... Sophi is a really good girl and I trust her.... but something about 8th grade boys being around my daughter just rubs me the wrong way (DH too)... and I would like to think that older boys don't pay attention to younger girls but sadly... we are learning they do.  The trouble is my DD looks a helluva lot older than she is... she's got real boobs! And she just turned 11!! I swear I didn't get boobs till I was like 16, I have no idea where her's came from...

So, anyway... sorry for the rambling... just wondering if anyone knows of any ALL girls summer camp programs :)



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    Are you looking for an overnight program?  The Girl Scouts of Western Ohio offer summer camps.  I never went to one, but they were pretty popular when I was growing up.  If she isn't already a Girl Scout, I believe she could probably join for a very small fee and just not participate with a troop during the school year if she doesn't want to.  Here's their website:
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    Hey - I found this list online. There's way more day camps out there than I thought! Some of them are noted as being for girls only.


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    Thanks for the suggestions - and the list on channel 5's website is great!!

    She's already doing 2 different 1 week "day camp" type things... one for music and one for art.  She really wants to do a "real" summer/sleep away camp though... and I feel like she's old enough for that big step :) As sad as it makes me... I just don't want there to be any boys there! Stick out tongue

    Through the school year she is *so* busy... you'd think she'd want to lounge in the summer.. nope, she's busy planning all sorts of things :)  I'm happy to oblige though because I know I'm going have my hands full with a baby and a 4 year year old so at least having these things lined up will give her something fun and constructive to do instead of just being stuck with us :)

    Thanks again ladies!


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    My DS went to camp every summer.  He went to Camp Kern and Camp Joy.  The programs were co ed, but they do a nice job of keeping boys and girls separated when it matters-at night etc.  Camp Kern had a Survivor themed camp that he LOVED.  It was themed similar to the TV show (but no one got voted off), and he went two years in a row.  Horse camp and eco camp were ones he loved too.  They keep them so busy that they don't have time to worry about what the other kids are doing.  HTH
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