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Arnold Chiari Malformation

Is anyone familiar with this?  My nephew has this and had surgery when he was 3.  He is doing well now but is on seizure medicine.  We just found out that my sister has it (his mom).  Obviously it is genetic.  Do you think I should request an MRI for myself and my DD or wait to see if symptoms occur.  My sister didnt start to have symptons until she was 38.  I would love to hear input from anyone who has had any experience with this syndrome.  TIA!
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Re: Arnold Chiari Malformation

  • I have Chiari 1 Malformation. I found out 3 yrs ago. I kept getting a lot of headaches and I had a MRI done. I have a mild case so no treatments has to be done. My doctor said it was not genetic though.
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  • My son has it, but that's because all kids with Spina Bifida has it. From what I know, it doesn't need treatment unless there are things bothering you (headaches, neck pain, sensitive gag reflex, eating problems). I would just read up on the symptoms and keep it in the back of your mind...
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