Special Needs

So I told work today about ds

I sent it in an email as I thought I would probably get too emotional in person. Can I just tell you that I am so extremely blessed to be working where I am. With all the appointments between ds's evaluations and dd's constant allergy/ear problems, I should have been fired a long time ago. My dh's work is so not flexible, so the burden has been on me (he's put in for a transfer to another department, so he can be more flexible, thank goodness). 

My boss was above and beyond supportive and was willing to send me an official note that states basically that I have the freedom to come and go to take care of whatever family issues, therapy appt's, etc, without suffering any consequences. I am not eligible for FMLA right now, as I used my allotted time for the birth of my daughter last year. I will fill it out just in case in mid-summer, when I will become eligible again.


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