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Hey! You know, after I sent that post off I realized that it was probably Lynda in my favorite pic of the GTG2 bunch. I LOVE IT!!!! Such a natural and beautiful pose. Her little personality just jumps right out you.

Please tell me you are going to do something special with it! LOL. Its awesome.



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  • ::butting in:: i love Lynda's thighs :-) that girl has some chunks on her... deceiving with those skinny arms!!!!
  • Thanks ladies!  We are totally in love.  Her personality has really come out in the past few weeks.  She's such a ham for the camera - it cracks me up.  At the GTG Dawn and Virginia were both taking pictures and she had a few moments where she posed for each of them alternating almost as if she knew she was supposed to give them equal camera time.

    I think I'm going to give that pic to the grandmas and great grandmas for mother's day.  It's definitely getting put in the hallway - our family picture spot.  Hopefully she won't hate me for wanting to keep it up forever. 

    Melanie - her arms really are quite skinny considering the size of her thighs... the arms used to have more chunk but slimmed out around 4 months.

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