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donating formula...

I have recieved so many cans of formula that i dont plan on using. Where  or who can I donate it to?

Re: donating formula...

  • lol if it's enfamil, you can donate it to me!!  j/k you can take it to a church, they might be ablet o donate it to a parishoner who would need it, or maybe camilla's house?  or maybe call planned parenthood, they might be able to hook you up with some charity who takes formula donations.
  • There are lots of places that will take unopened formula.  I also received a lot of samples but I still have them.  Even though I am breastfeeding - I held on to them just in case I ever need some formula.  Since they have a long shelf life I will donate them after she has transitioned onto milk.  If you are in Broward I know the WECARE foodbank is always accepting them and that's where mine will go when I know I don't need them for sure. 
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